Good Eats!

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Once again it’s the time of year to give thanks with loved ones and eat turkey until you pass out. We’ve compiled a list of recipes for the day of Thanksgiving and what to do with all the left overs. This is also the time of year when your entire family comes over to take up all […]

Have you ever had a moment when you walked into your home around the holidays and your kids are being just a little too “good”, and your parental Spidey sense starts to tingle knowing that they have been into your secret hiding spot where all the presents are being stored?  Or maybe your significant other doesn’t […]

How to Thrift Like a Pro

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Shopping at thrift stores is a great way to save money, find unique clothing and furniture that you can’t find anywhere else, and who knows, you may stumble across something worth a lot of money. If you’re ready to hit up a few thrift stores, but aren’t sure how to start, here are some hints […]

Moving? How to Minimize Pet Stress

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  Moving is both exciting and stressful for people, so imagine how the change in routine and environment can affect your four-legged family members! In the chaos of finding a new home, boxing up your items and packing up moving trucks, thinking about the level of stress your pet is experiencing is probably not your […]

Meet the Team: Lori Heinecke

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Lori grew up in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. Two years after graduating high school, she began working for STORExpress as an assistant manager at the South Side location. Due to her excellent customer service skills and dedication, she was quickly promoted to property manager. In 2013, Lori was promoted to Operations Supervisor, where […]

What do Fences, Silence of the Lambs and Flashdance have in common? If you guessed they are all movies, you are only partially correct. The tie that binds all of these movies together is that they were all shot here in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has a rich cinematic history dating all the way back to 1914. […]

7 Pittsburgh Ice Cream Shops to Visit This Summer

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7 Pittsburgh Ice Cream Shops to Visit This Summer Summer is fun, but the 90 degree heat isn’t. One of the best ways to cool down is with a tasty treat like ice cream. Dealing with heat and humidity isn’t as frustrating if you have a delicious cone in your hand. If you’re from Pittsburgh and haven’t […]

10 Steps to Move Your Child Into Their Dorm Room

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Having your child go off to college is hard. It might seem like just yesterday you were sending them off to their first day of Kindergarten and now here you are. Empty nest syndrome can be tough, but going to college is a great experience that opens the door to new opportunities. Many parents find that […]

How to Prepare for a Flash Flood

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Over the past few weeks, there were numerous storms and flash floods throughout Western Pennsylvania. The ground had already been saturated from the first storm and many people were caught off guard by the rain that just kept coming. Don’t get caught in the next storm without knowing how to get ready for it. It’s […]