Moving in Pittsburgh? Seven Key Packing Tips!

Categories: Moving, Packing to Move, Self-Storage

Hello Pittsburgh and extended web family!

We at STORExpress are so excited to share some great information with you on storing, moving, packing, staging your home to sell and everything in between.

For our first blog, we want to share some helpful packing tips:


  1. Begin packing belongings that are not used frequently. These items can usually be found in the basement, attic, garage and extra closets.
  2. Reinforce the bottoms of your boxes with extra packing tape.
  3. Pack on a room-by-room basis. Label each box with its coordinating room so that you or your movers know just where to place the box in your new home.
  4. Wrap fragile objects such as dishes, lamps, and pictures with towels, sheets, or curtains.  This saves time and room since you are essentially packing two items at once.
  5. Don’t forget to mark boxes that contain breakables as “fragile” on all four sides.
  6. Remove dresser drawers so that the furniture is lighter and easier to move.  Save space by packing unbreakables in the drawers.
  7. Place small but heavy items in small boxes so that they are easier to move and lift. These items may include books and canned goods.