Five Essential Packing Materials for Your Pittsburgh, PA Move!

Categories: Moving, Packing to Move, Self-Storage


You will need a large number of boxes for your move.
Boxes should be in good condition and come in an
assortment of sizes and shapes.  Be sure that your boxes
have covers that can be sealed in order to
protect your belongings.

Use white newsprint to wrap items that can be easily
stained or soiled.  The ink from printed newspaper
rubs off easily and can ruin your belongings.
Old newspapers are good for filling
“dead space” in your boxes.

Mark each box with information such as its contents
and/or which room the box belongs in.
Be sure to label breakables as
“Fragile” on all four sides.

Use sturdy tape that is at least 1.5 inches wide.
Be sure to tape   all boxes closed and reinforce
the bottoms for peace of mind.

You will need a sturdy pair of scissors to assist
you in the packing and unpacking process.
You can also keep a utility knife safely in
your back pocket to open boxes quickly.

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