Small Business Records Storage: A Guide to Storing and Organizing

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For small businesses (and even large ones), organizing, managing and maintaining records can be quite a challenge.  We’ve provided some tips to make this necessary evil a little easier for everyone! 



Organizing your files:

  • Arrange files strategically for maximum space utilization.
  • Create an aisle space so that you can access items from more places.
  • Separate departmental records accordingly in regards to accessibility and security needs/concerns.
  • Place the same type of files in one box (i.e. Do not place payables in the same box as payroll records).
  • Use forms to track record series and types (i.e. Data Entry, File Location Management, Record Transmittal, File Location Tracker, etc.).
  • Track date ranges and alphanumeric ranges of contents.

Maximize your space:

  • Utilize vertical space by stacking as many items as possible.  This is where shelving is particularly helpful.
  • Maximize stacking by filling boxes completely.  Make sure boxes have sturdy tops and lids.
  • Utilize proper shelving to organize records.  For example, 8′ x 4′ foot shelves hold approximately 42 file boxes.

Proper labeling:

  • Place labels on a part of the file box where it will be easily seen (typically the end of the box).
  • Leave a “legend” out for those accessing the files to see.  The legend should decipher what part of the unit different types of files are in; this way they can be located more easily.

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