“What size storage unit do I need?”

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What size storage unit do I need?

Before renting a storage unit, most all customers first ask the question¬†“What size storage unit do I need? Not only is this an obvious question to ask for the simple sake of space, but it is also a very important question to consider in regards to overall cost, potential money-savings as well as accessibility.

Being sure not to rent more space than you need will save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. In addition, for those who need to access their space more frequently, careful consideration of unit size can also alleviate the hassle of trying to navigate through a tightly packed unit.  Regardless, renting the correct sized storage space can save you money as well as many headaches during your time in storage.

Check out STORExpress Self Storage’s Storage Space Calculator! This handy tool allows you to input the items that you plan to store and then (VOILA) gives you an estimate of the unit size you will need.