5 Ways Self-Storage Will Make Your Holiday Less Stressful

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We are now entering the midst of the holiday season and with all the joy and peace on earth this time of year brings, there is no doubt that stress and chaos are occasional guests at holiday dinner tables as well. So, to make sure your holiday is filled with more cheer and less fear we’ve compiled five ways self-storage can clear up your house (and your head) to make sure you have more peaceful, silent nights!

1) Guest Furniture
So, the family is coming to visit for the weekend, but where are you going to sleep now that you gave your bed up to Aunt Millie? On that handy roll-away cot you have shoved in your garage, of course! Storing guest supplies like air mattresses, cots, pillows, and blankets is a great way to spare your home from items that you only use on special occasions. This way, the makeshift bed in the living room doesn’t become a nuisance after your guests leave!

2) Holiday Gifts
Holiday shopping has turned into a month of pandemonium. You managed to fight off an angry mob for the last 60” TV at Sears but where are you going to put it until the big day? Can’t exactly hide it in your closet! Why not use a self storage unit as a gift hub where you can place all your gifts from your list, large and small, away from nosey kids and family? Not to mention, you’d also be able to wrap them in peace. Perhaps with some Bing Crosby playing?

3) Winter Accessories
Cold weather is on its way (although perhaps not in Pittsburgh this season). Many self storage customers use their unit seasonally and have found great success keeping their seasonal items organized. Chances are you aren’t going to use your lawnmower or golf clubs for the next few months so why not exchange them with your ski boots and snow shovels once a year? Keep the garage from turning into a Pittsburgh episode of hoarders and clear out the items that are important yet only used a few months out of the year.

4) Seasonal Clothes
It’s December in Pittsburgh and we’ve been able to wear shorts (say what?). However, there is no doubt Western Pennsylvanians are prepared for when the snow storm hits. Extend your closet space by labeling items by season and putting them away until they’re ready to be used. When it’s time to gather up your Steelers windbreaker, gloves, hat, and scarf for the big January night game, you’ll be prepared!

5) Holiday Decorations
Whether you place one candle in the window or blow your neighborhood’s fuse with the amount of lights you use, holiday decorations are definitely a use-one-time-of-year item (unless you’re the guy who leaves them up all year round). Gone are the days of just one line of lights strung on your house’s edges. They have been replaced by large inflatable props, waving holiday characters, and giant illuminated snowmen. The best way to make sure your house is looking great year after year is to keep your decorations organized and in a space large enough where they won’t get damaged.

Seasonal storage is a great way to stay organized during the most hectic time of the year. A seasonal storage unit is definitely worth considering when you have items that you need but use infrequently; they are most likely going to be taking up useful space in an attic, closet, or garage for more than half the year.

Now that we’ve just made your holidays less stressful, Happy Holidays!