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Clutter is everywhere and starting to take over people’s garages.

Here are some innovative ideas on how to organize your garage in an inexpensive way!


Pick up a free pallet at your local home store and use it to organize your shovels, rakes, and brooms. No need to hunt for them in your garage anymore!


What a great way to organize that duct tape! Use a hacksaw blade and a filler block to make an easy dispenser.


Take advantage of those peanut butter jars! Screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf. Then fill with nails and bolts. Next, screw to the shelf. Utilize your space efficiently! This way you can see what you have.


No more bags with holes!  Use a trash can to store your bird seed or potting soil.


Tired of losing your drill bits?  Then attach them to strips of magnets on your tool bench for easy access.