Students Summer Packing Tips

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For a lot of college students it’s a magical time of coffee, energy drinks, and watching the sun rises over a pile of study guides. It’s time for FINALS!

This is a time when you get so busy you can only see getting through the next exam. In the hassle to get good grades and get ready for summer don’t forget your belongings as you take on the new internship or travel abroad.

STORExpress’ Student Summer Storage is a great solution. All you do is select a unit and pack!!! It’s that easy. We pick up you belongs and keep them safe until you’re ready for them.

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Here’s some packing tips.

1). Make the most of your space. Pack books on their sides and not their spines or edges. This prevent damage and keeps you from over packing the box.

2). Wrap breakables in clothes and then keep these in a Rubbermaid container. A hard plastic container is far less likely to break than boxes and you can use them again and again for all sorts of things.

3). Use shower-caps to cover your shoes so you don’t have to worry about your shoes getting other items dirty. Don’t forget that there’s space to be used in shoes. Boots are a great place to pack socks, underwear, and even scarfs.

4). Use Press-And-Seal-type plastic wrap to keep jewelry from tangling into a necklace-monster. Lay your jewelry out on a sheet and lay another sheet on top. Pressing the two sheets together creates a bond that can keep them straight while in storage.

Now that you’re all packed up, the easiest part is all that’s left.
A STORExpress representative will come and collect your belongings, move them safely into your own locker, and that’s it.
Go! Have a Fun Summer!