6 Tips For Moving On A Budget

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Moving’s expensive. It’s exhausting. It’s stressful. It really is the stuff of grown-up nightmares. There are so many steps it can be very overwhelming. Packing supplies, movers (be they professional or friends), truck rental, cleaning…it just goes on and on.
STORExpress is here to help with a list for moving on a budget.

Couple Amidst Moving Boxes
1). Research! Research!! Research!!!
Look at your finances and create a budget to see what moving options work for you. There are several ways to do this. There are several moving comparison tools on the web that help you gauge the costs of various moving options such as hiring a full service moving company or using your brothers’ friends.
2). Compare Prices & REVIEWS!
It’s sad to say but there is a lot of vulnerability to the moving process. Scams abound. From overpriced and unsatisfactory movers to truck rental hidden fees. No matter how you plan on moving, be wary of these.
The best way to check is to read online reviews. Sure there will be a bad one or two but you can learn a lot from a company by how they handled that bad day.
3). Declutter Before Packing.
The less stuff you have, the easier and cheaper it is to move.
Start by going through each room and simply looking for what you don’t use. You can move these to another area and over a week see if you use it more than you think. Odds are you’ll actually find more things to add to the pile.
Then go through each room carefully. Go through drawers, cupboards, and shelves. Sort through your closets. Collect any broken or unused items.
You can sell these to help take some of the sting out of moving. You can have a good ol’ yard sale but if you have some time listing them on eBay, Craigslist, or any of the other sell-apps that have come out over the past year. However you chose to sell your items do your research. Look up similar items and see what they are going for. Also, if you’re using an app then look for the fees involved in selling it through them.
Grocery stores and Wine and Spirit stores are great places for finding boxes and ‘creative’ packing supplies. Start to keep packing materials from your online orders or shoe boxes.
That being said, a free box can cost you plenty. These boxes aren’t meant for moving anything but what they first carried. If you have a heavy, hand blown heirloom vase in a cracker box that is on its last legs, that ‘free’ box might just cost you that family heirloom.
Plan how to best use the supplies you collect. Packing supplies are incredibly useful; the right tools for the job always are. STORExpress is always happy to help you with storage, but we have a great selection of packing supplies, too. Stop in before you move and make sure your Mother-In-Law’s dishes don’t get damaged.


Broken Vase on a Wooden Floor

Her Mother Never Thought You Were Good Enough…

5). Reimbursements and Tax Deductions
Some employers reimburse for job-related transitions. This is the third most common reason people moved in recent years. Your employer may not bring this up so check with human resources.
Even if you don’t get a reimbursement, some of the cost may be tax deductible.


6). Self Storage Is Cheaper Than Moving Twice
If you are moving and find yourself in a Gap-Situation, don’t freak out and change all your plans. Sometimes, the place you’re moving to isn’t ready when you have to be out of your previous place. This gap could be as little as 2 weeks or as long as 2 months…or more. It’s a scary and stressful situation.
Once you know how long your Gap will be, make plans for you; for where you and your loved ones can stay and the bare-bones necessities each will need. Next have the same movers you were going to use move your items into a storage unit. We do regularly help people dealing with the dreaded Gap-Move.
What you want to avoid doing is literally moving twice. Sometimes people panic and they rent another place for them and everything while the situation at the new place is being fixed. This makes a lot of sense if you’re not sure how long your Gap will be but if it’s only a month or 2…you could be paying for 2 places for a year. That’s the stuff of grown-up nightmares.