How to Store Your Photos

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Factors to Consider

  • Humidity
    • The National Archives and Records Administration recommends storing photos in less than 65% relative humidity. High humidity causes mold and ink from multiple photos to stick together.
  • Temperature
    • It is best to store pictures in lower temperatures, as high temperatures draw in insects and slowly melt the ink and paper. Also, store photos in a climate controlled area where temperatures do not fluctuate too often.
  • Light Intensity
    • Bright, UV and fluorescent lights fade the ink and pigments on photos. If you want to display a photo in the open, make sure to store a duplicate copy in a darker room.


Choosing the Perfect Container for Photo Storage

Look for containers that are photo safe, acid-free, and PVC free. When you store them, don’t use tape or glue.

12-Case 4" x 6" Photo Storage Carrier

Source: The Container Store