How to Store Your Photos

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Factors to Consider

  • Humidity
    • The National Archives and Records Administration recommends storing photos in less than 65% relative humidity. High humidity causes mold and ink from multiple photos to stick together.
  • Temperature
    • It is best to store pictures in lower temperatures, as high temperatures draw in insects and slowly melt the ink and paper. Also, store photos in a climate controlled area where temperatures do not fluctuate too often.
  • Light Intensity
    • Bright, UV and florescent lights fade the ink and pigments on photos. If you want to display a photo in the open, make sure to store a duplicate copy in a darker room.


Choosing the Perfect Container for Photo Storage

Look for containers that are photo safe, acid free, and PVC free. When you store them, don’t use tape or glue.

12-Case 4" x 6" Photo Storage Carrier

Source: The Container Store