Cleaner Car in 4 Easy Steps

Categories: Car Storage, Declutter


1. Declutter Your Car

This is the most obvious and most time consuming step. First, remove all of the unnecessary clutter in your car. Not only should you clean out any trash in your car, but take out any clutter that has accumulated in your car. There is a fine line between wanting to be prepared for any situation (umbrellas, pens, papers, extra clothes, hand sanitizer) and using your car for extra storage.

2. Organize Your Car Interior

When you are in the car, you want all of your belongings to be easily accessible.

  • Get a trash bag. A designated trash bag is cleaner than throwing your trash into cup holders and glove compartments.
  • Add utility to your visor. You can find many attachments to your mirror visor. For example, Amazon sells a tissue case that you can slide on!
  • Add utility to the back of your seats. You can also find many attachments that fit on the back of your seat. Especially for family cars, this can provide a compact way to store toys, snacks, and necessities in your car.

3. Organize Your Car Trunk

  • Add essentials to your trunk. Keep a change of clothes, plastic bags, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.
  • Add storage items. Things like a cooler or reusable shopping bags can make grocery shopping much easier.

4. Make a Scheduled Habit to Remove Trash

Choose a less-busy day of the week to routinely search through your car. This search should not take longer than 10 minutes. You should return items back to their place, throw away trash, and possibly vacuum the interior.