Storage Tips for Contractors

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Whether you are building a house or building the next iconic Pittsburgh landmark, storing your power tools properly is imperative to your business running smoothly and profitably.



Determine your needs. How often will you need access to your tools? Are some tools seasonal? Do you have large items like forklifts and table saws? Do you only need to store tools or do you also need a space to work out of? 

Utilize plastic bins. Plastic bins offer easy transferability between job sites and your storage unit. Plus, using plastic bins will help protect your tools from common irritants to their motor systems, such as water and dust. Label the bins and make sure all accessories are included.

Get your tools off of the floor. To prevent sprawl and maximize your storage space, utilize a sturdy shelving system to store your tools. STORExpress offers heavy-duty shelving for your contractor or storage unit.

Pay attention to cordless tool batteries. For tools that will be sitting unused for a long time, try to store them at a 40% charge. NiCad batteries can be stored for five years or more at zero voltage.

Climate control is your friend. Ideally, a climate controlled space is better for tool storage then damp basements and garages. At STORExpress, all of our contractor units are climate-controlled and can be rented without the long-term hassle of a traditional warehouse.