Contractor Storage

Categories: Self-Storage

Self-storage facilities are great for contractors looking to go into business for themselves or expand their company. Generally, contractors look into leasing or buying their space which makes self-storage a great affordable alternative that’s often overlooked.

Here are some reasons why you should maximize your business investment by using a self-storage contractor unit at STORExpress.

Affordability. Finding affordable commercial space is difficult. Commercial spaces can run anywhere between $200,000 and $6 Million to buy. Commercial property for rent can run $5-$23 per square foot a year. Leases typically last 2-15 years. So, at 1000 ft² you’re looking at $5000-$23,000 per year for the term. Contractor units at STORExpress run from $200-$900 a month with no strings attached. Save the capital expense! There are no long-term leases to worry about and you’ll find a space that fits your business and budget. STORExpress makes renting even more affordable by offering a free truck and gas to help with your move-in, plus the utilities and Wi-Fi are on the house!

Flexibility. There are some warehouses that make you sign a long-term lease just so you can use the space. If by chance, you decide going into business isn’t for you after the first year or two, then you’re stuck. Month-to-month contracts let you stay in control! You can determine how long or short you want to stay. You’re not locked into a commitment, so upgrading or reducing the size of your contractor unit is easy! STORExpress provides free consultations and tours with storage experts to help you make the best decision for your business.

Personalization. Make it your own and create a space that fits your needs! Add shelving, hooks, and whatever else you need to make your business run smoothly! Personalize your work schedule by enjoying 24/7 access via keypad entry into your unit.

Safety. You’re already aware that tools aren’t cheap. You also know that missing and stolen tools on a job site aren’t uncommon. Protect your business and tools by keeping them off-site and locked up. STORExpress offers around-the-clock surveillance to ensure that your items are protected.

Drive-In Buildings. Have you ever loaded up your truck in the brittle winter, a thunderstorm or blazing heat? You won’t have to anymore when you rent a contractor unit from STORExpress! Drive-in buildings and loading docks make your business more efficient by making loading smooth. You can even save money on vehicle storage for your work truck by storing it inside of your contractor unit.

Use the Office Spaces. Keep your business professional! Business meetings are unavoidable, that’s why STORExpress offers conference room access and office space for all of the behind the scenes deal-makers.

Keep your business on your terms by calling 412-449-0123 or stopping by a STORExpress location to get more information on our free consultation service and to schedule a tour of your contractor unit today!