Blogging 101 for Contractors

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If you’re a business owner you know how important marketing is to your company. Your website serves as a home base to your customers while social media is supplementary. Another aspect of marketing that no one talks about is a blog. As a contractor, blogging can increase your clientele and offer your customers a more in-depth explanation of your services than they would otherwise get. Here are some ways to get your general contracting or trade blog off of the ground.

Start Talking About What You Do. Start talking (while recording) or writing about what you do every day. Explain projects you’ve done, customer experiences, stories, and advice. Break down everything you talk about and use it as a jumping off point. When writing, think about who will be reading your blogs and if they would find the content useful. If they wouldn’t, refocus.

Build a Small Library. While some people just jump right into blogging, the best thing to do is build a library of about 30 blogs then begin posting. Without a library, it’s easy to start blogging frequently then fall off your routine and stop posting for a while. Binge writing, in the beginning, helps to prevent that.

Creativity is Key. You can grow your blog’s audience faster by delivering unique and creative content. Try to find topics that no one else writes about. If you offer what no one else can, the traffic and clientele will come.

Provide Great Photos. As a contractor you’ll probably do how-to blogs, it’s to be expected. A great way to set your blog apart from the rest is great quality photos. If you’re explaining how to hang drywall, insert pictures or a video of you doing it to go along with the written instructions. Add before and after pictures and make sure the photos and videos are well lit and not grainy.

Remember Why You Started Contracting. The most important aspect a blog can have (professional or not) is passion behind it. If you are passionate about your career and want to show potential customers what you do, your blog will be successful.

Now it’s time to start writing your first blog!

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