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Is Your House Haunted?

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  A 2013 survey from The Harris Poll, 42% of Americans believe in ghosts. Are you apart of that 42%? According to SpareFoot, “when a survey came out that same year asking folks whether they would purchase a haunted house, respondents were almost equally split between yes (32%), no (35%) and maybe (33%).” What […]

How the California Wildfires Could Affect the Price of Wine

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  With the recent spate of wildfire across California, many people across the affected area were forced to evacuate, including several large vineyards. This has some wondering how this will affect California’s economy in the coming months, especially since wine production accounts for an estimated $57 billion annually. There are an estimated 1,900 licensed wineries […]

The Future of Motorcycles

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  As technology continues to race forward at a blistering pace, we continually see old classics getting revamped for a new generation. Some of the more interesting reworks are motorcycles. Previously bastions of loud and proud engines ripping up and down the street are becoming more and more modern. While some may scoff at the […]

Getting Your Small Business Off the Ground

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Turning a passion into a business involves a lot of work, but it’s completely do-able! Here’s how: Trade. No one ever said that the only way to start a successful business is with money. Money helps, but trading and bartering services for supplies is a great way to acquire all of the necessary materials needed […]

Use Timed Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity

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  As a non-professional creative, it can sometimes be difficult to create. One day you come up with a great idea for a novel or screenplay, but the idea slowly fades away as the demands of day jobs, kids, social engagements, and chores overtake your waking hours. You tell yourself “Tomorrow I will start writing […]

Pittsburgh Recording Studios

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You’ve done it. You’ve put in the hours of work, compromise and emotion. You have a set list that you feel confident is the best you’ve ever had. Your fans are waiting for that debut release and you’re confident that you’re ready to blow them away. So who do you trust to bring your music […]

Video Games for Car Enthusiasts

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  Love your family sedan but have the urge to drive something with a little more spice? Thanks to the rise in popularity of video games, exotic and classic cars can be driven by the masses like never before with stunning realism. For the uninitiated, the Forza Motorsport series of video games is a long-running […]

Self-Storage Ghost Stories

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  Halloween is right around the corner! That means trick or treating with your family, costume parties, pranks and of course, ghost stories! If you’re ready to be scared stiff, here are 3 of the best self-storage ghost stories we found on the internet. A business storage facility in Baton Rouge used to be a hospital […]

October 2017 Referral Rewards

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Refer someone who moves into a storage unit at STORExpress between October 1, 2017 and October 31, 2017 and choose either a Referral Reward based on your tier or a $100 The Big Y Group gift certificate that can be redeemed at one the following restaurants: Perle, Nola on the Square, Poros, Le Lyonnais, or […]