Meet the Team: Lori Heinecke

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Lori Heineke

Lori grew up in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh. Two years after graduating high school, she began working for STORExpress as an assistant manager at the South Side location. Due to her excellent customer service skills and dedication, she was quickly promoted to property manager.

In 2013, Lori was promoted to Operations Supervisor, where she played an integral part in helping the company double in size and deftly guided the operations department forward during a period of unprecedented growth.

Over the years, Lori has flourished tremendously in both her personal and professional life. Now in her 11th year at STORExpress, Lori is taking on a new role as Operations Coordinator. In this position, she can focus on the details to ensure the STORExpress property managers and assistant managers are successful.

Lori enjoys tackling the everyday challenges within the operations department head-on, and finds working with her team to be a rewarding experience. She credits her success at STORExpress to the people she works with and is looking forward to all of the new adventures she will encounter as she heads into her 12th year at STORExpress!


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