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Once again it’s the time of year to give thanks with loved ones and eat turkey until you pass out. We’ve compiled a list of recipes for the day of Thanksgiving and what to do with all the left overs. This is also the time of year when your entire family comes over to take up all the empty space you’ve got. If you need room for more people in your home you can safely store all of the things you don’t need daily with us at STORExpress.

For Thanksgiving Day most of us have a perfected turkey recipe but if you’d like to mix things up a little we’re here to help. Stuffing is an important part of any turkey dinner these two recipes below are awesome and totally home-made!

Averiecooks has a traditional stuffing/dressing recipe here:

For a non-traditional and gluten free recipe look no further:

Green bean casserole is a favorite of mine and Campbell’s has it perfected:

Pecans, marshmallows and sweet potatoes =YUM! another casserole not to be confused with dessert:

Let’s talk about DESSERT! Traditionally people have pies at dinner and pumpkin seems to be the most common so, here is the BEST pumpkin pie recipe:

For those hosting people with many different tastes the best way to go may be this delicious sheet pan pie:

So now that lunch and dinner have come to an end what are you going to do with all the leftover turkey and side dishes?

Turkey Cobb sandwiches will be great to take back to work the following week:

If you need some dinner ideas how about turkey and mashed potato casserole:

Last but not least who doesn’t like pizza? This one is a personal favorite for left overs, it’s a Thanksgiving Pizza!


All of us at STORExpress wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving! If you try out any of these recipes let us know how your families like them! Feel free to share with other friends and family members as well. And remember with your house being overcrowded with loved ones: You can either store it or explain it. Let STORExpress help you out!

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