STORExpress is Pittsburgh’s premier storage company. With over 20 years-experience in the industry, STORExpress is the total storage solution, offering Storage services, at all 10 of our area locations. STORExpress utilizes the highest standards in design, development and management. We deliver the best quality in customer amenities, with an environment, second to none in the storage industry, complementing our superior service, security, professionalism, and overall value. Our organization continues to receive 5 star reviews from customers who appreciate and value our staff, locations, and services.

In 2018, STORExpress continues to grow, adding several new properties to our portfolio. This growth has created a new demand for Maintenance and Store Superintendent Personnel to help support and grow our facilities.


STORExpress is the benchmark of the industry in the region. We take great pride in that fact, and work hard to keep it that way. Our Maintenance Supervisory team is comprised of sharp, independent, hard-working, and reliable individuals that succeed well in a highly diversified market. We operate in a teamwork environment, where each member is called upon to share ideas and expectations. We are a very progressive group, with a focus on keeping STORExpress at the top in terms of customer experience and offerings. We take extreme pride in our curb appeal to the community and potential customers, so a high quality caretaker is a must.

Due to our recent growth we are actively seeking a new team member. This person will fulfill the role of Maintenance and Customer Concierge at our stores in the Pittsburgh area. They will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance, general cleaning, landscaping, and various other customer service needs at the property. They will be an active team member at the property, involved in operations which strive to deliver the very best in curb appeal and physical efficiency to our prospective tenants. They will also be available for major projects, Etc. happening within the STORExpress family of properties. Most importantly they will represent to the local community and our customers who STORExpress is and what our mission and value statements stand for.

The ideal candidate is seeking a full time position fulfilling the above requirements.


  • 1 Year Janitorial or Maintenance Experience
  • Great Attitude & work ethic
  • Do whatever it takes mentality
  • Excellent communication, organization, and team work skills.
  • Reliable Transportation
  • Proficient in general maintenance, mechanical skills, Landscaping basics
  • Must be willing to work on some weekend days


Please send Resume to