Career Opportunity: STORE MANAGEMENT

STORExpress is Pittsburgh’s premier storage company. With 20 years of experience in the industry, STORExpress is the total storage solution, offering the largest and most diverse selection of storage options, including Self-storage units, automobile parking, artist rooms, band rooms, and contractor spaces, as well as specialty storage such as records management and wine storage. STORExpress has 10 locations throughout the Pittsburgh area & utilizes the highest standards in design, development, and management. We deliver the highest quality in customer amenities. All these things create an environment second to none in the storage industry, complementing our superior service, security, professionalism, and overall value. Our organization consistently receives 5 star reviews from customers that appreciate the quality of our staff, locations, and services.

In 2018, STORExpress continues to grow, with several new locations currently under design and construction. This growth will create a new demand for personnel to help execute our management and marketing programs to support and grow the tenant base.


STORExpress is the benchmark of the industry in the region. We take great pride in that fact and work hard to keep it that way. Our management team is comprised of sharp, idea-driven, hard-working, and competitive self-starters that succeed well in high customer contact and service environments. We have a teamwork dynamic, where each member is called upon to share ideas and expectations. We are a very progressive group, with a focus on keeping STORExpress at the top in terms of customer experience and offerings.

Due to our recent growth, we are actively seeking a new team member. This person will be responsible for learning and performing daily operations at one or more of our stores including sales, customer service, administration, general caretaking, and serving as a liaison between the local communities we serve, and the location.

The store manager will be responsible for designing and executing a plan with a goal to guide the financial growth of the store, grow relationships with its current and future customers, its curb appeal to the public, and the market awareness in the surrounding community. They will be active in the local community, building relationships and representing to the public who STORExpress is and what our mission and value statements stand for.


  • Associates / Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Sales, Management or equivalent
  • Experience in store or staff management, marketing, sales, financial controls preferred
  • Excellent communication, organization, and teamwork skills
  • Retail sales experience a plus
  • Proficient in Office and Web-based software environments


Please send Resume and Cover Letter to