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Use Timed Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity

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As a non-professional creative, it can sometimes be difficult to create. One day you come up with a great idea for a novel or screenplay, but the idea slowly fades away as the demands of day jobs, kids, social engagements and chores overtake your waking hours. You tell yourself “Tomorrow I will start writing that […]

How to Survive a Critique

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Whether you are an artist or a writer, getting your work critiqued can be painful. However, in order for you to grow as an artist, critiques – both positive and negative – are an important tool for your creative development. Here is how to handle a critique. Know what you want. What do you want […]

Painting for Beginners

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So, you went to your first paint-and-sip art class and now you’re inspired to tap into your inner Picasso. Whether you thank that Pinot Noir you drank while painting or your natural talent for your masterpiece, here’s a few tips to perfect your painting the next time around: Grab Some Supplies. If you’re interested in […]

Color to Relieve Stress

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  Are you stressed at work? Is your anxiety getting to you? Break out that adult coloring book and some colored pencils for a quick stress reliever! The colors you use will say a lot about your subconscious and will offer you more insight into the adult you! While you should leave the art therapy […]

Tour Our 448 Artist Studios!

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    Welcome to our 448 artist studios! Here, our talented artists create beautiful works of art in the comfort of their own studio. In a time where art is less and less appreciated, these artists truly know how to stand out and showcase their talents. Of course, we at STORExpress work to cheer them […]

Holiday Open House & Artists Market

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Join us on December 11th for a Holiday Open House & Artists Market at 448 Studios at our main headquarters in Etna! Support local artists, find great gifts, meet the makers, enjoy light snacks and entertainment while you shop! WHERE: 448 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15223 WHEN: Friday, December 11, 2015 6-9pm WHO: Everyone who loves […]