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New Radio Station Debuts in Pittsburgh

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  Pittsburgh is getting a new online radio station, based out of Mr. Smalls in Millvale, PA. The station, dubbed The Metal Edge, is the second station based out of Millvale’s Mr. Smalls entertainment complex, a popular music venue based in the Pittsburgh neighborhood. As the name suggests, the station will focus on hard rock […]

Pittsburgh Recording Studios

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You’ve done it. You’ve put in the hours of work, compromise and emotion. You have a set list that you feel confident is the best you’ve ever had. Your fans are waiting for that debut release and you’re confident that you’re ready to blow them away. So who do you trust to bring your music […]

Before They Were Famous: Previous Jobs of Musicians

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While it may seem that famous musicians never held a real job, the truth is that for some, fame was a long and winding road littered with dead-end jobs. Here are a few musicians who worked normal jobs to make ends meet before the bright lights of stardom came calling. Henry Rollins: Most people know […]

A Bit of Pittsburgh Music History

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  When you think of major music scenes, Pittsburgh probably doesn’t come to mind. Seattle had grunge, punk exploded out of DC and SoCal, and New Orleans has jazz. Pittsburgh has…Donnie Iris? Pittsburgh actually has a very rich musical legacy. From Doo-Wop to rock, Pittsburgh has produced many award-winning musicians and composers who have influenced […]

How to Book a Gig

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You’ve practiced day in and day out and you think you’re ready to hit the stage. The only problem is, you don’t have a place to perform. If you’re a musician or band looking to book your first gig, expand your fan base or you’re just ready to take music to the next level follow […]

5 Ways to Conquer Songwriter’s Block

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    It happens to all types of writers eventually: the dreaded writer’s block. While it can be frustrating to be in a creative slump (especially when the rest of your band is churning out amazing work) there are ways to pull yourself out of it.       Forget about perfection. Always striving for perfection can […]

How to Make Your Band Rehearsals More Effective

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For every minute of stage time, there are dozens of hours of rehearsal time that go into making a song performance ready. Here are some tips to make sure you are rehearsing effectively. Rehearsal Time is NOT Practice Time Practice is the work done individually that prepares a musician for rehearsal. Rehearsal is a group […]

We were recently featured on the SpareFoot blog, highlighting our Band Rehearsal Spaces. Click through to read the whole post. Highlights: “Our band spaces are great because they turn something that’s a problem into a solution,” said Lori “Lo” Jablonski, marketing manager at STORExpress Self Storage, which offers more than 80 climate-controlled band rehearsal units […]

New Band Rehearsal Space in Pittsburgh

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Coming this fall to STORExpress Self Storage: brand new band rehearsal spaces in Pittsburgh’s Etna neighborhood. Centrally located approximately ten minutes from downtown Pittsburgh on Butler Street, the new band rehearsal rooms are set to be ready by mid-fall 2012 and will even include a recording studio! Utilizing self-storage as a place to rehearse music […]