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The Future of Motorcycles

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  As technology continues to race forward at a blistering pace, we continually see old classics getting revamped for a new generation. Some of the more interesting reworks are motorcycles. Previously bastions of loud and proud engines ripping up and down the street are becoming more and more modern. While some may scoff at the […]

Video Games for Car Enthusiasts

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  Love your family sedan but have the urge to drive something with a little more spice? Thanks to the rise in popularity of video games, exotic and classic cars can be driven by the masses like never before with stunning realism. For the uninitiated, the Forza Motorsport series of video games is a long-running […]

Take Back your Garage!

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  If you can’t park your car in your garage because it is stuffed with tools, boxes, sports equipment and old toys, you have a serious problem! Use these steps to declutter and make more space for your car! Avoid Hurt feelings. Make it a family affair. Don’t get rid of something that’s not yours. […]

Is Your Car Classic, Antique, Vintage….or Just Old?

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If you are thinking about collecting “old” cars, you may be confused about car classifications. If you are serious about being a car enthusiast, you should learn which cars are considered classic, antique or vintage. Each class has its own meaning, and while there is some overlap (and the definitions can vary from state to […]

Vehicle FAQ’s

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Want to know how where and how to store your vehicle? Read on! Where Can I Store My Vehicle?   Indoor Storage. An indoor climate-controlled facility is ideal for long-term vehicle storage. Your car, RV or boat will be protected from the elements decreasing the chances of any damage to your vehicle. When you rent […]

How to Take Your Car Out of Storage

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  Taking your car out of long-term storage involves more than just turning the key and driving down the road. Below is a checklist of what to do before driving your car after it’s been in storage.   Air Out Your Car Roll down the windows and let the fresh air in. Even in a […]

Cleaner Car in 4 Easy Steps

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  1. Declutter Your Car This is the most obvious and most time consuming step. First, remove all of the unnecessary clutter in your car. Not only should you clean out any trash in your car, but take out any clutter that has accumulated in your car. There is a fine line between wanting to […]

6 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Storage

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  6 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Storage Wash and wax the vehicle before placing it in long-term car storage. Use a high coverage wax for the best sealant. Clean the inside of the car. The car should look brand new. Crumbs, trash, and clothes will deteriorate over time and you don’t want […]

Motorcycle Safety Tips

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When the weather turns warm and the leaves turn green, many motorcyclists – both new riders and experienced – take their bikes out of storage and hit the road. Motorcycles are a fun and fuel-efficient way to get around, but the reality is that riding a motorcycle is way more dangerous than a driving a […]

Storage for Collectible Cars

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Our Car Storage was recently featured on the Blog. The post highlights a few facilities around the country with storage for collectible cars. Here’s how they thought ours stood out: STORExpress Self Storage in Pittsburgh, PA, is jumping into classic car storage this summer with a purpose-built facility, unconventionally housed on the second floor […]