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A Yard Sale Shopper’s Guide to Success

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During the summertime, yard sales are popping up around every neighborhood. Warm weather calls for a fresh clean-out of the home and someone else’s trash could be your treasure. It can either be a hit or a miss based on your personal preferences and what you need. The coolest part about them is that they’re […]

Creative Ways to Repurpose Your College-Bound Child’s Room

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Your kid finally left the nest and is college-bound. As a parent, you’re feeling a range of emotions from excitement to nervousness and maybe even sadness. Well, here’s some good news that might cheer you up! You can finally create your dream room with your kid’s vacant room. First things first, declutter. Go through their […]

Surprising Reasons Spring Cleaning is Good For You

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It’s that time of year again to start thinking about spring cleaning, which means some serious scrubbing, decluttering, redecorating and reorganization. How did the concept of spring cleaning start? According to the Washington Post, spring cleaning was necessary; “homes were lit with whale oil or kerosene and heated with coal or wood” which left a […]

Self Storage – The Perfect Valentines Day Gift?

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Anyone who has ever lived with another person knows the frustration of living with someone else’s stuff. Boyfriends and their stinky sports gear. Kids with their never-ending piles of toys. Wives and their closets full of clothes and shoes. Many an impressive battle has been fought over the eternal war against stuff. Clutter has a profound effect on […]

Surviving the TOY-NADO! Declutter & Store the Toy Stash!

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Have you ever gone down to get something to drink at night and been scared by what turned out to be your kids’ toys? Maybe it’s the looming shadow of a rocking horse. Maybe you step on a Lego block or a light up toy. Maybe you slip on a hoverboard at the base of […]

Cleaner Car in 4 Easy Steps

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  1. Declutter Your Car This is the most obvious and most time consuming step. First, remove all of the unnecessary clutter in your car. Not only should you clean out any trash in your car, but take out any clutter that has accumulated in your car. There is a fine line between wanting to […]

Eco-Friendly Storage

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Choose Stable Containers For long-term storage, it is extremely important to choose stable and green storage containers. High-quality cardboard boxes will last a long time and are made out of recycled materials. It is also important to reuse and recycle other containers, such as plastic boxes or old mason jars.   Choose Recycled Packing Materials […]

How to Organize Pet Supplies

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Pets need a LOT of toys and treats; if you don’t organize them properly, they could overflow your house! Designate a spot by the door for walk-materials: leashes, poop-bags, toys, and treats.   Hide pet food in unused cabinets for easy access.   Reuse Suitcases as Pet Beds   Keep bowls on a larger mat to […]

How to Clean Effectively

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A place for everything, and everything in its place. The “Four Box” Method: Go from room to room, starting at the entrance and hitting every area of the room in a circle. Designate four boxes: “Move,” “Donate/Sell,” “Keep,” and “Throw Away.” Thoroughly go through piles of clutter and organize them into the four boxes. You […]

How to Pack Your Storage Unit to Save Money

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Packing to move is probably not your idea of a good time. A lot of people will try to get through packing as fast as possible and not care about staying organized. However, when you rent a storage unit, it’s better to pack it right the first time and save yourself from regret and frustration […]