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Staging Your Home to Sell

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If you want to sell your home fast, you need to stage it! Many people hire professional stagers, but if you follow these simple steps, you can save money! Cut all emotional ties. In order to make your home appealing to potential homebuyers, you need to look at your house objectively.  During this process, try to accept the […]

Surviving the TOY-NADO! Declutter & Store the Toy Stash!

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Have you ever gone down to get something to drink at night and been scared by what turned out to be your kids toys? Maybe it’s the looming shadow of a rocking horse. Maybe you step on a Lego block or a light up toy. Maybe you slip on a hover board at the base […]

Calculating storage unit size based on truck load

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So, you have your moving truck packed and your headed to your local storage facility to unload it into your brand new storage unit. You have a couple of key pieces of information, but you still can’t figure out what size storage unit you need. Let us help you!

1. Consider the Cost of Moving: If you are moving, it is important to consider your moving costs as part of your total expense, in addition to putting some of your belongings into storage. Some storage facilities offer discounts on rental trucks or a free truck for your move. Be sure to ask about any discount programs […]

TIP #1 Make packing easier by planning ahead! Gather up plenty of sturdy cartons or boxes along with packing paper, bubble wrap, sealing tape and markers, along with plenty of furniture covers. (Keep in mind; we sell a full range of packing supplies at STORExpress Self Storage!) TIP #2 Seal boxes tightly with packing tape […]

Did you know that moving is one of the top 3 most stressful events in a person’s life? If you or someone you know is moving be sure to follow these steps to make the move stress and hassle free! One Month Before….. Take an inventory of your home.  Decide what you want to keep […]

1. Paint Walls Paint your walls a neutral color.  Stick with warm light browns and off-whites.  Try not to paint every room in the house the same color…mix it up a little! 2. Clean or Replace Floors If you have hardwood floors, try to have them refinished.  If refinishing them seems too pricey and they […]

BOXES. You will need a large number of boxes for your move. Boxes should be in good condition and come in an assortment of sizes and shapes.  Be sure that your boxes have covers that can be sealed in order to protect your belongings. WRAPPING PAPER. Use white newsprint to wrap items that can be easily stained or soiled.  The […]

Staging Your Home to SELL!

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Staging your home is an effective way to sell it much faster. When you stage your home, you are dressing it up to sell. You need to adopt the ability to look at your home objectively and create a mood that will entice potential buyers to make a quick offer.

Many people hire professional stagers, but if you follow these simple rules, we are confident that you can achieve this important task all by yourself!