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Storage Tips for Contractors

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Whether you are building a house or building the next iconic Pittsburgh landmark, storing your power tools properly is imperative to your business running smoothly and profitably.     Determine your needs. How often will you need access to your tools? Are some tools seasonal? Do you have large items like forklifts and table saws? Do […]

Tips to Make Storing Your Items Over the Summer Easier

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  The end of the semester is near, which means cramming for finals, embarking on summer internships, and moving out of dorm rooms. For some students, packing up and transporting their belongings to their parents’ house or a new apartment is not practical. Instead, renting a storage unit for the summer offers a more affordable […]

Surviving the TOY-NADO! Declutter & Store the Toy Stash!

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Have you ever gone down to get something to drink at night and been scared by what turned out to be your kids’ toys? Maybe it’s the looming shadow of a rocking horse. Maybe you step on a Lego block or a light up toy. Maybe you slip on a hoverboard at the base of […]

6 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Storage

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  6 Steps to Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Storage Wash and wax the vehicle before placing it in long-term car storage. Use a high coverage wax for the best sealant. Clean the inside of the car. The car should look brand new. Crumbs, trash, and clothes will deteriorate over time and you don’t want […]

10 Tips For Moving On A Budget

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Moving is expensive. It’s exhausting. It’s stressful. It really is the stuff of grown-up nightmares. There are so many steps it can be very overwhelming and leave you feeling defeated. Packing supplies, movers (be they professional or friends), truck rental, cleaning…it just goes on and on. Moving should be an exciting new start for you […]

Movin’ On Up Made Easy!

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Moving is one of the most stressful parts of life. However, a good plan makes for a good move. These tips you can relax and focus on the exciting new adventure before you. These smart solutions will lead to a stress-free move. With consideration and a planning you can make any move the smart move. […]

Will It Fit In A 5×10 – Pittsburgh Self Storage

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We started playing around with 3D models and decided to start playing a game. Give us some random items and we’ll fit them into a 5×10 storage unit. First up is Jeff! Jeff’s unit: Mattress SMARTcar Coffin Lawnmower Ostrich WILL! IT! FIT?! VERDICT: PERFECT FIT 10/10 send us your own “WILL IT FIT”s to […]

8 Ways Self-Storage Will Make Your Holiday Less Stressful

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We are now entering the midst of the holiday season and with all the joy and peace on earth this time of year brings, there is no doubt that stress and chaos are occasional guests at holiday dinner tables as well. So, to make sure your holiday is filled with more cheer and less fear we’ve compiled five ways self-storage can clear up your house (and your head) to make sure you have more peaceful, silent nights!

Seven Things You Should Consider Before Putting Your Belongings into Storage!

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1. Consider the Cost of Moving: If you are moving, it is important to consider your moving costs as part of your total expense, in addition to putting some of your belongings into storage. Some storage facilities offer discounts on rental trucks or a free truck for your move. Be sure to ask about any discount programs […]