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How to Prepare for a Flash Flood

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Over the past few weeks, there were numerous storms and flash floods throughout Western Pennsylvania. The ground had already been saturated from the first storm and many people were caught off guard by the rain that just kept coming. Don’t get caught in the next storm without knowing how to get ready for it. It’s […]

How to Prepare Your Motorcycle for Storage

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It’s essential for motorcyclists to always make sure their bikes are stored properly and safely before the winter weather comes. It’s better to be proactive now than have to react when problems arise due to poor preparation and maintenance. Here are 5 tips to help store your motorcycle safely before the harsh winter conditions arrive. […]

How to Store Your Motorcycle

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You finally bought the bike of your dreams! Now you have to make the important decision about where to store your bike when you’re not out riding. Choosing a reliable place to store your motorcycle can prolong its longevity and keep it running in tip-top shape. Decide on Indoor or Outdoor Storage: Outdoor. Outdoor storage […]

Tips for Beginner Motorcyclists

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Motorcycles are a fun and fuel efficient way to get around. They are also much more dangerous then a car. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) motorcycle fatalities are up over 8% from 2014 and motorcyclists are 29 times more likely then passenger car occupants to die in an accident. As a […]