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How the California Wildfires Could Affect the Price of Wine

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  With the recent spate of wildfire across California, many people across the affected area were forced to evacuate, including several large vineyards. This has some wondering how this will affect California’s economy in the coming months, especially since wine production accounts for an estimated $57 billion annually. There are an estimated 1,900 licensed wineries […]

Wine Tasting Do’s and Dont’s

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Wine tasting events are a fun and inexpensive way for wine newbies to learn what they like and what they don’t like. If you are confused about how to conduct yourself at a wine tasting event, here are a few do’s and don’ts to get you off on the right foot.   Don’t Wear Perfume […]

Reasons Baby Boomers Are Selling Off Their Wine Collections

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  If you are a wine collector looking to add some hard to find bottles to your collection, now is a great time to purchase iconic older vintages from classic regions. Baby boomers are selling off their wine cellars in record numbers and wines that were difficult or impossible to find are now popping up at […]

Tips for Beginner Wine Collectors

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Vino, vin, wein or wine, no matter how you say it, you know you love it! You adore it so much, you want to collect it! According to National Geographic, wine has been around since the Stone Age. It comes in an array of characteristics varying in sweetness, dryness, acidity, body, and fruit. It’s no […]

Wine Storage!

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There are three important factors to take into consideration when storing wine… Climate Control Wine must be kept at a consistent and cool temperature to ensure it matures properly without damage. The storage area should be between 50 – 60 degrees year round to protect your wine from extreme and fluctuating temperatures. Humidity Control Corks […]