Pack Your Storage Unit

How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Proper organization is critical for effective use of a self-storage unit. Not only will learning how to organize a storage unit make it easier to find belongings when you need them, but it will also maximize your storage capacity inside the unit. To help you get started, we included ideas and tips for packing a storage unit below. These tips also include step-by-step instructions that will help you learn how to stack a storage unit as well during your next move-in day.

Packing a Storage Unit Begins with Planning

Learning how to organize a storage unit begins with taking an inventory of everything you plan store. This will help you prioritize what to pack and where to place it. It is important to also identify what items will be placed on the floor or bottom, and how to stack a storage unit. Make a note of awkwardly shaped items that won’t fit into a box and won’t stack well. These types of items, for example, will need to be placed into the unit towards the end on move-in day. Also, remember to label all boxes and follow the steps listed below for an efficient packing experience.

Step 1. Identify the best storage unit size for your needs

It’s better to have too much space than not enough. After making a list of everything you will be packing a storage unit with, compare that with all available sizes. At STORExpress, our friendly storage experts can assist and also identify which items on your list should be placed in climate controlled storage.

Step 2. Write down your plan for how to organize a storage unit

Consider which items you will need to access frequently while in storage, as those items will be placed near the front—or packed last. If you are storing kitchen appliances or furniture, plan to store these large items in the back of the unit. Place everything else in between, and write this plan down ahead of time while referencing it throughout move-in day.

Step 3: Pack and label your items for storage properly

Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and best practices for packing larger items. Also, be sure to label all of your boxes in a manner that allows for quick and accurate identification. A special mark should be included for the heavier boxes you plan to stack items on top of during packing.

Step 4. Find help for moving larger items

If you are moving several large items into your storage unit, you will need some help to lift the heavy, bulky items and maintain organization. By asking a friend or family member, you can walk larger items like appliances and furniture into the storage unit first. They can also help packing the heavier boxes.

Step 5. Load heavy boxes into the storage unit first and stack on top

After placing any appliances and furniture up near the walls of your storage unit, place heavy boxes on the floor—this is where labeling will help when packing your storage unit. You can then place lighter boxes on top of these heavier items. These best practices for how to organize a storage unit will help you maximize storage space but also find items later while they are in storage.

Step 6. Save space for the items you will be packing into your storage unit last

Be sure to save space for items you will need to access during storage while you are packing the storage unit. Keep in mind the size and shape of these items and boxes, and mark off an area for where they will be placed so you don’t run out of available storage space.

Storage Unit Organization Ideas

If you have additional storage questions, remember that our on-site experts can help. From offering storage organization ideas on the best packing supplies to suggestions for where to place those awkward items, the staff at STORExpress is here to help. Find out how our storage units in Pittsburgh can help you get organized today.