Easy Steps to Proper Power Tool Storage

Power Tool Storage for Contractors and Construction Workers

It’s common knowledge that the Steel City runs on power tools. Whether it is processing metal or building the next iconic Pittsburgh landmark, every contractor and construction worker alike needs to find proper storage for their tools in order to make them last for years to come. Fortunately, STORExpress has some no-nonsense tips to help get the most out of tools each and every day.

Pittsburgh worker uses properly stored power tools

Factors Affecting Power Tool Storage

Before you dive in, it is important to know that several factors will dictate which path you take in protecting your tools with contractor storage. First, you should ask yourself how often you will need to access the tools you are looking to store. For example, a contractor who has many tools that get infrequent use will have the greatest need for a large contractor storage unit.

In addition to the frequency of use for your power tools, also consider how much space you have for storage. If you are renting a small space, such as a 5×5 self-storage unit, then storing an item such as a full-length table saw might cause you some problems. If you are able to rent a larger space, you will need a plan to help keep your warehouse storage space organized and orderly.


Contractor Storage Units for Seasonal and Daily Power Tool Usage

While skilled laborers such as construction or landscape workers need quick access to tools on a daily basis, you don’t have to be a full-time professional to take advantage of a contractor storage solution! Simply differentiate between your seasonal and regularly-used power tools, sorting each into its respective bin. Plastic bins are great solutions for power tools because they offer easy transferability from job site to contractor storage unit and vice-versa. In addition, plastic bins will help your power tools fend off common irritants to their motor systems, including water and dust.


Why Do Contractors Choose Storage Units for their Power Tools?

Contractors such as construction workers have many options when it comes to finding warehouse space for their day-to-day items. Self-storage units are a great power tool storage solution because they allow both contractors and everyday people to find the space they need to store their necessities in a centralized, easy-to-access facility that offers its own set of features and benefits (such as video surveillance).


STORExpress Contractor Storage

STORExpress offers contractor storage solutions to fit the needs of every skilled laborer in the greater Pittsburgh area. Whether you are a woodworker looking to store saws and supplies or a construction worker who needs space to store a variety of heavy-duty power tools, our solutions are fit for your needs.

Enjoy contractor space without the hassle of a traditional warehouse when you rent with STORExpress:

  • No capital expense: No large upfront expenses, simply pay rent!
  • No utility cost: Utilities are included with our contractor units
  • No long-term commitment: Billing is done on a month-to-month basis
  • 24/7 Keypad Entry: Enjoy around the clock access to your contractor unit
  • Shelving Units Available

Give us a call for availability, and get a quote on a contractor storage unit that will finally allow you to make order out of chaos with those pesky power tools!