Where to Take Your Used Toys and Other Tips for Dealing with Used Kid Stuff

Used toys in a pile

So, you cleaned out your child’s playroom and suddenly have an abundance of used children’s toys that your child no longer needs. Instead of letting your children’s old toys sit around, try out one of the four options below!

What to do With Old Toys: 4 Ways to Clear out Clutter

  • Donate used toys
  • Swap used toys
  • Sell used toys
  • Store used toys

Donate Used Toys: All kids need toys. Toys spark imagination, creativity and development. Instead of throwing away toys, donate them to a charity that help kids. You may even be able to get a deduction on your taxes.

Swap Used Toys: If your child is starting to lose interest in playing with the same toys over and over again, but it isn’t in the budget to buy more toys, consider hosting a toy swap. A toy swap is an event coordinated with other parents to exchange old toys for other children’s gently-used toys.

This is not only a great way to declutter, it’s also budget and environmentally friendly. Not to mention, it will make your kids happy. A quick tip: consider making this toy swap an adult-only event. This will be helpful in preventing tears and stress if the family down the street winds up with the coveted Barbie doll your child also wanted. You can even store some of the toys received in the swap in your storage unit, to be given later as gifts or until your child becomes the right age use them.

Sell Used Toys: A great way to get rid of old toys and make some extra money is to sell them. Organize a garage sale at your house and have your children help out. The money they earn from the garage sale can be used to purchase new toys. This is not only a smart way to save money, it also will help teach kids financial responsibility at a young age.

Store Used Toys: If you are considering expanding your family in the future, consider storing your used toys in a storage unit. This is a great way to declutter your home while ensuring your items will be there for you when you need them.  To decide which toys to keep, sort through your children’s toys and decide which toys have sentimental value to you or your child. Or, make decisions based on the condition of the toys – if anything is broken or needs repaired, save the space in your storage unit for the items that are in the best shape.

If you are planning on storing toys for an extended period of time or are storing expensive or electronic toys, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit. The fluctuations in temperatures of a regular storage unit may cause the items to rust or become damaged from moisture in the air. If you have questions about which items should be stored in a climate controlled storage unit, stop in or contact us!

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